It was Mid December 1968. In the small town of Sebewaing, Michigan, with about 2,500 inhabitants. The local merchants normally had a drawing every year around Christmas. I remember that when you shopped you would get a ticket for every dollar that was spent. You put your name and phone on it and drop it in the big drum. The grand prize was normally a TV or furniture.

But this was the only year they gave away a Snowmobile. We as a family went up to town and met with friends. My Mom said that Dad, for some reason, did not want to go that night but he went anyway. Good thing he did, as it was my Dads name that was pulled out of the drum of tickets! We won a snowmobile!!

I was at the great age of 10. So I was really excited to have a snowmobile! This was Friday night and I think we had to go to the dealer to pick it up. The dealer was “Gettels”, a John Deere tractor dealer. I remember that we were supposed to get the cheaper one (the Colt) but I think they sold it. Instead, we got the Polaris Charger with a 300cc JLO. The trailer did not come with it.

I remember I could not start that sled but if Dad started it I was off to the school and rode that sled all around the football yard, and around the house. The picture below was in the local paper the next week. Left to right: Standing next to the sled is my Father, Fred Gnagey. Sitting on the sled is me Brian and my brother Kevin. Standing: sister Lou Ann and Nelda, my Mom. Dad passed away in 2001.

That night changed mine and my brothers life for ever! We both still ride sleds and I am into the Vintage as well.

Thanks for the memory! Brian Gnagey.

69 Charger winners!

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