Please be aware that we are switching servers tonight at 10:00 PM Eastern time.

The server we are moving to is new, faster and more secure. There is also a fantastic staff in the new data center that responds much faster and better than the data center we are in now. You will see some performance improvements, and the number of times you find the site unavailable should be reduced, if not stopped.

While the server change is happening, a few things will happen you should be aware of:
1. For a brief period you’ll be looking at the old server, then in an instant the new one. Not a big deal but it may look a little odd.
2. Some posts and classified ads on the old server will be gone from the new server. If you post around the time we are migrating the data, it may not make it to the new server. We apologize in advance if you lose a post or ad. Best bet, don’t post anything you don’t want to risk losing from about 9:00 tonight until around 11:00 tonight.

The website keeps growing.. and if the trends continue into this winter, there will be a new record number of people coming to the site in the next five to six months, as traffic always surges in the fall and winter. We can’t thank you enough and hope your about to have the best winter ever!

Doc Jim and the Mod Squad

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