Wild Bill’s Run Available for Pre-Order

From the website:

“This is the strange but true story of Wild Bill Cooper. Part Arctic adventure and part crime caper, Wild Bill’s Run is an unforgettable ride with a true American folk hero.

In the winter of 1972, Wild Bill Cooper led a ragtag crew of mechanics, ranchers and photographers on a grueling expedition across the polar ice. During some of the darkest days of the Cold War, their goal was to snowmobile 5,000 miles from Minnesota to Moscow.

They didn’t quite make it.

After the expedition returned home, Cooper embarked on a startling new adventure. Accused of leading a massive drug smuggling operation known as “the Marijuana Air Force,” he was named one of America’s Ten Most Wanted by the U.S. Marshals Service. But the wily outdoorsman was never caught. He refused to surrender to the law, just as he’d refused to surrender to the Arctic. Even today, his whereabouts remain a mystery.”

This is a cool movie that any vintage sled nut will love. You can pre-order it now for just $20. I saw this movie when it was in the theatre’s and it is funny, fascinating and a great slice of Americana. Don’t miss it!


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