Looking at all your old snowmobile magazines, your old copy of Warriors of Winter and all 4 of the Race & Rally books, have you caught yourself wondering where in the heck are all these really neat old race sleds?

Well for me, it’s been an obsession going on eight years now. In that time, one of the smartest things I did (among a pile of really dumb things I also did) was to go ahead and write about my adventures of hunting down one of my favorites – the 1977 Kawasaki SnoPro “Shark” sleds.

In searching for a lot of other machines, I have not been quite so forthcoming.

There are several reasons for this, number one being that there is only so much time in a day, a week, a month, a year – even eight years. In some cases, the people that do have some really rare stuff do NOT want it made public what they have. Another reason is not knowing for sure if something is the “real deal”. I had to learn about them. It has been an on-going education, one I now know I will never graduate from. Every time I get arrogant and think I know something about these sleds, I prove myself wrong – or at least I find reason to question an earlier assumption.

I also didn’t want to make a big deal out of some of these sleds until they were restored so we could enjoy them in their full glory. Of course, to restore a sled, and restore it accurately, is not a simple task – it can take years.

But lastly, I have to confess I didn’t say anything about the whereabouts of certain sleds because I was trying to obtain them. I don’t know if that was very fair, or even very nice of me, but frankly, I couldn’t help myself! I plead insanity!

So, starting today, I’m going to just go ahead and spill the beans on what I know, and share the journey with everyone. I’m going to start with the year that got me hooked on all this stuff when I was a kid: 1974. I’m going to start with what i always though was the sexiest looking Arctic Cat sled ever made: The 1974 Arctic Cat SnoPros.

Enjoy the trip!

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