When at First You Don’t Succeed…


My first attempt at vintage racing in about 2005 did not go so well. When the flag dropped, all I heard was the sound of a little 250cc motor struggling to get out of it’s own way. I never left the line. Turns out the belt was not adjusted right (you’d think I have noticed that in testing wouldn’t you?) and it engaged where it has about four horsepower. Many adjustments later, she started to show signs of life.

Then it was all about the suspension – I had, unbeknownst to me, a Wahl drag race suspension in it. I could adjust it 1/4″ one way and it wouldn’t move at all. 1/4″ of an inch the other way and it would bottom out. The result was it became a crap shoot if the track would stick at all in the corner, making for a very uncomfortable ride. The next year we switched to a slightly modified 76 Cat Z suspension and then she stuck like glue.

For the record, this sled was made from a 1976 250 TX chassis. I had the original RXL 250 motor, but I stuck some 79 Ski-Doo 340 pipes on it, and that’s when it came alive. After Jim Haug proved she was a winner, I was encouraged to shave about 150 pounds off the driver (me) and let Matt Goede take over for three World Championship titles.

The Goede’s converted it to a rubber track, and had to put a re-enforced cross member on the front to keep it from cracking and breaking. Other than that, the only thing that was done to it for several years was frequent pistons needing to be replaced and a new tach.

I do love this little sled. It’s now retired, but I still like just staring at it.


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