Kale Wainer works in the Marketing Department at Arctic Cat and gets questions from a handful of loyal PRIDE readers (Cat’s magazine they send to customers) asking what he is building now… well, Kale thought maybe vintagesleds.com readers would enjoy his latest sled. Good thought Kale!

It started life as a barn wreck 1976 Pantera that came complete with a free mouse and nest. (Quite the surprise when he opened the airbox.)

Kale’s intention from the start was to modernize the sled, he really wanted to have a better seating position like the new Cat sleds, so he bought a gas tank and seat from a 2006 Sno Pro and mounted that. Once the seating felt right, the handlebars were too low, so the steering post was shimmed ahead ¾”, then the stock handlebars were cut off and replaced with a handlebar clamp from a Sport Quad.

To finish off the sled a few key sponsors were critical in the final outcome. If the goal was ergonomics, there was only one company to turn to and that was Rox Speed FX. Their 5” adjustable billet riser was the ticket to getting the bars in the air, as well as a set of their Universal handlebars capped off with a Rox bar pad, handguards and mounts. The coolest part of the handlebar setup was being able to retain the stock handgrips and controls for a pseudo vintage look.

After that, Rox focused attention on the stock running boards by adding a set of their billet SledTreds. Although Rox doesn’t make SledTreds specific to vintage snowmobiles, this pair was altered to fit, but originally slated for a Ski Doo MXZ. The number plate on the back of the tunnel is also a Rox product. (Perfect for vintage one-lunger racers.) The universal number plate is run by all the top snocross pros and easily rivets to any tunnel.

To cap off the look, Kale took it to Robb at Blown Concepts and a custom graphics package was made that is loosely based off the 1976 Cross Country Cat, appropriately named SnoCross Country Cat. I’d highly recommend Blown Concepts for all your graphic needs. Robb can recreate any vintage decal (As long as you supply an original) or can design a custom graphics package. Other major help came from Bottomline Traction who designed and fabricated a custom set of carbides for the skis. (In the near future I will be replacing the steel skis with plastic.)

Kale also mentioned that if any vintagesleds.com readers have any feedback on his creation, or would like to submit their custom Arctic Cats to PRIDE magazine, Kale would love to hear from them. Maybe they could even end up like the CAT’S PRIDE feature they just did on Andy Avelis!

Sponsors mentioned in Kale’s creation of an updated Cross-Country Cat include Arctic Cat, Rox Speed FX, Blown Concepts Custom Vinyl Graphics and Bottom Line Traction Products. Thanks for Sharing Kale!

…and after
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