John Deere JoeI got back late yesterday from St. Germain and the Ride with the Champs. My legs and my back are so sore that I can barely walk – and I love it. As I wrecked my vintage sleds at Live On Skis, I borrowed a 2002 Pro-X 600 from a friend. We literally flew on the ride in the morning, getting to "Fishtales" for lunch. I didn’t go quite so fast on the way back, choosing instead to roundup lost or broken down vintage sleds. None the less, a long, brisk, and very fun ride.

2010 InducteesSpeaking of the Vintage Challenge riders, I don’t think that many sleds didn’t make the whole 175 mile trip! I don’t have the final count, but it has to be most of them! And boy did they look and sound nice. Trail riders who were not part of the Ride With The Champs all had to stop and just watch the cool vintage sleds go by.

One of the highlights of the night for me, besides the inductions of four new inductees was Jim Dimmerman’s speech. It was not to be missed.

Cool Polaris TXThe other big highlight was Don Amber and the guys from JDSLEDS.COM, who restored a stunning Deere that was auctioned off – raising over $8,000.00, to be split between thee Hall of Fame and Breast Cancer Awareness! WAY TO GO GUYS!

My thanks to Thee Hall of Fame Board of Directors and all the volunteers who made such a fun weekend happen.

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