Web Roundup

If your anywhere near Spokane Washington this weekend, I highly recommend the open house and racer reunion in Spokane Valley Washington. Saturday promises to be a fascinating gathering of the greats from western racing, and I just got a hunch that some very rare stuff will show up. I’ll be there and will be posting pictures just as soon as I can snap them.

Just checking out some cool stuff around the web today that I think you’ll like. After all it is summer, and it can be a bit difficult to concentrate on sleds when it is 70 degrees and sunny out! First up is this page celebrating the airplane nose art of Korean war and WWII. I’m a big fan. Caution: some of the art includes cartoon images of nudes.

This one is cool, unless your one of those chronically unhappy people.

Here’s the 10 craziest products inspired by bacon. My favorite is bacon flavored dental floss. Bacon is like duct tape. There is nothing it can’t do.

I just wanted to hear something old run today. I found a two-for-one!

Minnesota Public Radio interview with Vintage sledder Bud Hovelson and Lowell Ness..

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