What a weekend. Waconia had over 491 sleds on the trail ride, near-record or record attendance, and great racing from ROLA and the Waconia drags. I’ve got a ton of photos and stories, but I just need to get this up right away.

After the banquet on Saturday night (where we heard stories from Ray Monsrud, VSCA Founder Gary Webster , Greg Hedlund and Herb Howe), about 20-30 people where hanging about, including most of the dignitaries from Polaris. Eventually, everyone there was gathered around Jim Bernat’s 1975 Polaris PDC World Championship sled. As I have mentioned before, I believe this to be one of thee most valuable vintage sleds on this planet, or any other.

So there we are just staring at it when Greg Hedlund says “So you think she’ll start after 30 some years?” I for one, thought there is no way in hell they would start that machine – let alone inside the ballroom – and after all those years. Turns out, they did put some fresh gas in it before leaving Roseau. The rest… well, I’ll let the video speak for itself:

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