These points look close… including a virtual tie for first overall by Stull and Sperry, both on Rupps. It’s going to come down to this weekend and the top drivers having a good or bad day to see who wins each division and the overall totals. However – there is one very important thing to remember: At the end of this weekend, all the point totals will be added, and the worst race (weekend) that they ran will be thrown out… in other words, there was 6 scheduled vintage SnoPro races, but only 5 count. Adding to the drama – the Smith Brothers from way up in Alaska had there best weekend this year last week – winning a total of 7 classes!

You can bet all these guys will be running pure adrenalin and testosterone this weekend – hang on!

This weekend’s race is in Strathcona, Minnesota, on one of the nicest race tracks anywhere. Just a hop, skip and a jump away is Badger Minnesota that has a GREAT vintage show on the same weekend. Rumor has it another insanely rare drag race sled (not seen since 1973) will make its first appearance, in the original condition since that it was tucked away over 30 years ago! Hold on to your hats – this is a major “debut” of a sled that will amaze you.

PVR Vintage SnoPro points totals:
Free Air Division – points Liquid Division – points IFS Division – points
Jay Sperry (Rupp) 60
Bill Stull (Rupp) 41
Paul Socwell (Viking/Sno*Jet) 40
Mike Smith (Arctic Cat) 10
Sean Smith (Arctic Cat) 8
Bill Stull (Rupp) 40
Jay Sperry (Rupp) 23
Paul Socwell (Viking/Sno*Jet) 23
Mike Smith (Arctic Cat) 18
Seam Smith (Arctic Cat) 18
Dick Peterson (Polaris) 76
Billy Zawacki (Ski-Doo) 39
Ken Kitzman (Arctic Cat) 38
Duane Stetzer (Ski-Doo) 37
Devin Fackrell (Ski-Doo) 36
Bill Stull (Rupp) 100
Jay Sperry (Rupp) 100
Dick Peterson (Polaris) 76
Paul Socwell (Viking/Sno*Jet) 63
Sean Smith (Arctic Cat) 39
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