What a year! Vintage racing broke out all over the country, and the mainstream is starting to take notice! Vintage races this year where happening in most of the snowbelt, all over the U.S. and Canada.

Feature articles about vintage racing appeared in SnowWeek, American Snowmobiler, Snow Goer, Supertrax and pretty much every other regional and national magazine. Local news stations covered many of the bigger races, such as Eagle River, Thief River Falls, Freeport and others.

Monty Racers
Monty Teshio’s Race Team, Ready for a Vintage Rumble.

Entries where way up. Lots of sleds running in very tightly contested classes made it some of the most exciting spectator sport available anywhere. And speaking of spectators, there are signs that racing may becoming more popular with people other then the racers themselves.

Take the secod to last weekend at Wolf lake for example. The pits where full, and a full line of cars was up on the hill watching the races from the comfort of thier cars and trucks on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I was amazed at how many people where just there to watch and have a good time. I talked with a few of them. They said they love what they saw.

Of course, there are always the detractors. I did hear from a few attending races that there are too many classes, the event took too long, too many opportunities to see one-lung racers, and not enough opportunities to see the big iron racing at high speed. If those are the only complaints, that’s good. That’s all stuff we can easily fix for ’06.

Results wise, it was a very good year for John Schumacher in the SLEDS organization. John will come out number one in points for the overall SLEDS races. John also took top honors in the liquid class. Jim Lennox was top dog in fan. Jim Lennox and Shawn Johnson are battling it out for top honors in the free-air class, as the final results there have not been compiled. In the Wolf Lake races, Darrell Saxton, Chuck Poier, Scott Tillman and the whole Gubranson family took top honors in class races.

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