Valdi pilots 1969 Worlds Fastest Snowmobile.

Submitted by: Valdi Stefanson

President: Antique Snowmobile Club of America
Secretary & Webmaster, Waconia Ride-In Committee
Host, OLD IRON dvd series

First, a big Thank You to The Warning Family for this fun opportunity to pilot the famous winner of the 1969 speed run at West Yellowstone, Montana. Second, to Les Pratt from Saskatchewan for taking this picture as the dual-engined machine headed his way!

You see, the Ski Doo factory-built Double Eagle was brought to the VSCA Vintage Snowmobile Nationals show in West Yellowstone for a reunion with it’s famous driver, Duane Eck. Last Saturday, 78 year old Duane donned his old helmet and took off down the “runway” just west of town. Here, some 45 years later it was a sight to be seen by hundreds of spectators. 

Here is 78 year old Duane Eck — Out for another spin, helmet and all

In the heady days of the late 1960’s, snowmobile manufacturers wanted publicity and wins. Both bragging rights and future sales hinged on winning — in any and all racing formats. Both factories and independents built outrageous multi-powerplant monsters for an end-of-the-season speed run at West Yellowstone. (To learn more, Google Ski Doo Double Eagle, Polaris X-2 and X-3 as well as Arctic Cat’s series of the Boss Cat.)

This 1969 Double Eagle has dual modified 669 Rotax twin cylinder engines. It was crowned Worlds Fastest Snowmobile at 95.33 mph.

Later, the Warnings in typical gracious form, invited me to “take it for a spin”. I jumped at the chance!

This monster rips!

This Double Eagle is in “as raced” condition


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