Twin-Track Love!

What do you do when you really love a twin-track Ski-Doo oval racer? You customize the living daylights out of it!. “Ramblin” Ray, morning drive-time personality from radio station US99.5 in Chicago, decided he wanted his twin-track restoration to be as big and bold as he could make it.

The result is the beauty you see before you: A bright, shiny (you MUST wear sun glasses if viewing the aluminum in sunlight!) twin-tracker classic. The paint job is second to none and the details of the restoration are complete. “This twin does shine, but make no mistake not a single corner is being cut. It’s being prepped as if Dale Loritz is gonna drive it. It will be ready for any track” said Ray when asked about the possibility of “over”restoring the sled.

Make no mistake this sled was saved from being scrapped. When Ray got it, it was as close to junk as such a limited build machine could get and the the parts that were supposed to be there when he bought it were missing – forcing Ray to pry open the wallet and find the rare parts that were needed.

“This is the work of Kurt Krumm, co-owner of Goodwin Preformance. He was the guy who wrenched for Gregg Goodwin whe he was the 1991 World Champion. He wrenched for Jeff Goodwin and many more who have won the WC. I cant take credit for anything going on here.” Ray posted at the beginning of the project.

You can read a lot more details on the sled and it’s restoration in the Bull Sessions. Congrats Ray, that is one sharp looking sled!

You can also check out Ray’s other sleds, his racing experiences and his blog here.

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