Too Hot To Ride? Then At Least Look Cool Inside!


OK, one could argue these look absolutely HOT as opposed to COOL, all in how you look at it I suppose!

I didn’t start out planning this but the closer I got to it, I realized I almost had one example of each general model that Sno*Jet built in their final couple years. It was then I decided to replace my fun Elan with the Astro Jet and go on the hunt for a Whisper.

As ugly as it may look sitting there rite now, it along with that YELLOW Thunderjet are part of the family now and rightly needed to be included in the family portrait even though they both need some serious correctional discipline. But in time they will be brought into compliance.

A quick introduction from left clockwise would include; Sno*Jet’s last prototype a pre-76 SST 440 fan, 1976 SST 440 fan, 1976 Astro Jet 295, Argh..cough..cough 1975 Thunder Jet 440 and a 1975 Whisper Jet 440, 1975 Astro SS 340 and a 1975 SST 440 F/A.

OH… I almost forgot the adopted one, an original in the box Coleco Sno*Jet mobile, I think it was the name that did it. Enjoy

Kemper Freeman – SE Michigan.


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