The RXL Lawn Tractor

Sammy and ShelbyMeet Sammy and Shelby, and Shelby’s new toy: This is a one of a kind, prototype 77 Polaris RXL garden tractor. They are extremely rare, and only one has been found, verified by experts, and has been restored to pristine condition. She came factory with a whopping 8 hp briggs and stratton 4 stroke, power house! It has been overbored .010, has been ported, polished, and piped with a genuine, Fleet Farm High performance tuned exhaust system. She has been geared up with a 4″( instead of 3 1/2″) front drive pulley. Making it a wheel standing monster on the hole shot, and a whopping 9 mph at 3650rpm! The cornering on this machine has never been paralleled on a by another piece of yard equipment to date.

All kidding aside, Jim Haug built this beauty mostly because Shelby always wanted to drive Jim’s actual lawn mower.

Monkey!This machine was originally a 76 Simplicity Yeoman, sold new by Pierce Sales and Service of Plainview. With some extra pin stripes, and some donated parts from my garage crew, this baby took a whopping 20 hours to restore. Shelby loves to ride it, and has been known to cruise it down to her new neighbors – Brian and Denise Bronner. Their house has pretty much become her new 2nd home. This is what happens when a guy who likes snowmobiles runs out of things to work on in his garage! Actually it is what happens when a dad knows what his kids wants and has not learned how to say no. So here it is, before all of the dents, scratches and burned off tire treads. Enjoy!

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