Edgar Hetteen and JIm Anderson of the Glenwood Vintage Rally Committee pose with the original cup.

It’s official! The Hetteen Cup will be presented at the Glenwood, Minnesota vintage races on February 3rd & 4th.

Already the questions are flying about how the cup will be awarded, but all that still has to be sorted out. Don Chan of the Glenwood Vintage Rally Committee sent in this photo, but at this time, no formal discussions have taken place.

Here’s the official info:

Yes, the Hetteen Cup is returning to Central Minnesota! Edgar and Ronn Hetteen have graciously allowed the Glenwood Vintage Snowmobile Rally to feature the Hetteen cup at the Glenwood race in 2007. The Glenwood Vintage Rally Committee traveled to Grand Rapids, MN and met with the Hetteens. They are allowing us to use the Hetteen Cup to promote the sport of snowmobiling and snowmobile racing. The actual Hetteen Cup will be at the Glenwood Rally. The Committee is in the process of getting a replica trophy made, which will be given to the overall winner of the Glenwood race. This years Glenwood Vintage Snowmobile Rally will be a week earlier than their past events. This is due to a conflict with the Lakeside Ballroom. The 2007 event will be February 3rd and 4th  at the new historic Lakeside Ballroom. This is a great facility to view a vintage snowmobile race! The race will feature vintage circuits, SLEDS, Wolf Lake, and VOLS, but all vintage racers are welcome. Saturday will be qualifying races and Sunday will be the finals. More details on the race will be coming soon, which will include information on how the overall winner is determined. Sno-Jet will be the featured sled at the Sunday Vintage Show. This years event is being sponsored by the Glenwood Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Glenwood.

Again, the sport of snowmobiling and snowmobile racing would like to thank the Hetteens for allowing us to bring back the Hetteen Cup! I would also like to thank Allen Theisen and the Classic Sno-Machines Committee.  Because of the conflict we had with the ballroom, they have switched dates with Glenwood for one year. Please attend the Classic Sno-Machine rally at Goat Roper’s Bar in Farming, MN on February 10th, 2007. They put on a great show!

For lodging and event information contact the Glenwood Chamber of Commerce at 1-866-634-3636.

I did talk to Bill Infanger of Snowtech (formerly Race & rally) last Friday. He had not seen the last update, but informed me that their office had received a bunch of calls from people wanting to know how the cup was awarded back in the day. Jim Bielke responded to one caller that he would look up the old formula but “If I can’t find it, I’ll make it up and you’ll believe me anyway..” which prompted great laughter.

One of the old Race & Rally’s does explain the formula, so it shouldn’t be too tough to figure out.

On the Bull Sessions, some were wondering about the race being held at the great facility in Alexandria that once was home to the Hetteen Cup races? No. It is unlikely that will happen.

Where the race will take place is just south of Alexandria Minnesota, in Glenwood. The races are held on the lake there, in front of the newly rebuilt ballroom – which does provide good accommodations for spectators.

Here’s a scoop you won’t hear anywhere else: The race may be awarding a second very coveted, vintage prize memorial trophy as well to the races best sportsman! More details on this are coming.. but think John Deere, and you’ll have a good guess at who’s memorial trophy I’m talking about!

All in all, this could make the Glenwood race one of the biggest vintage races of the year. But February is a long way off… or is it? Even with temperatures over the 100 mark.. all we can think of is ice and snow and sleds.

Oh, and where was the trophy all this time? WIth Edgar Hetteen, of course. Edgar and his son Ronn – Ronn now owns the original, but thought it was a dandy idea to keep the cup alive!

You can chat about the Return of the Hetteen Cup on the Bull Sessions.

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