Like ’em or hate ’em, these little sleds dominated the landscape when I was a kid. They were plentiful, inexpensive and built for fun.

Because one of my neighbors had one, I’ll never forget his name – Bruce Froeming. Bruce looked like his ‘ol Bubble Top. He had long, red stringy hair and was thin and wiry. Bruce also had a huge grin that he’d flash as he raced around on his Bubble Top.

One of the Ski-Doo “Bubble Tops”.

I could never figure out why Bruce liked that sled so much and why it made him grin from ear to ear all the time. It was almost always broken, it would spray him endlessly with fuel from the carb (Bruce always smelled like gas, so this was probably okay for him), and he kept getting clothing caught in the clutch. He was routinely beaten by almost every other brand of sled in the neighborhood.

Yet Bruce would be out on the lake with us every winter day, proclaiming his Bubble Top to be superior to everything on snow.

I’ve heard countless stories of peoples fascination with these hummers, and I’ve seen countless Bubble Tops restored at shows. I always try to chat with the guys that have restored them. The number one reason given for restoring the sled: “Because I had one as a kid”.

So what’s your Bubble Top story? Why did you like them so much? Why did you hate them so much? I’ll be collecting stories on them and publishing the best of them soon. If you can send me a photo of your Bubble Top, you get extra credit.

Let the Bubble Top stories commence. Email them to [email protected].

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