Two magazines, American Snowmobiler and Supertrax had articles on the vintage craze in their latest issues. It’s fun to see the old media finally catching up. Hehehehe.

Private note to Jerry Bassett of American Snowmobiler, because I bet your reading this: Jerry, if you find any authentic racers for ” A couple of thousand dollars” I’d really like to know about it. I also have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale for about the same price if you are interested. 😉

As for Supertrax: You made an almost perfect list of the big vintage events. Shame on you for not listing Vintage SnoPro Master series in your list of events. Shame on us for not letting you know about it sooner.

Shame on both magazines for not realizing this little Internet thing may have something to do with the vintage craze. The Internet has allowed all of us vintage freaks that have been hiding away in our garage’s come together any time, any place. We couldn’t do that just a few years ago.

In fact, both articles failed to mention anything about web sites. That’s a shame when sites like Teshios, Rude Dogs, the Hall of Fames, Davids and many others keep adding fuel to this “new” vintage craze on a daily basis. Oh well.

Maybe it’s because they know about this, and don’t want to give the sites any more attention then they already get?

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