SNew Cat Showroomo you’ve got a collection of 30 or so really nice sleds. Now what? I mean where in the heck do you put 30 really nice sleds? Well, if you you are Arctic Cat muscle and race sled collector and restoration guru Andy Avelis, you build the showroom of your dreams.

Yes indeed boys and girls, Andy has out done himself this time and built a new showroom for his outstanding collection of some of the rarest Cat’s to claw their way around a race track. Imagine how much fun it must be to have your coffee every morning in this playroom. And to think the room i only 1/2 done! Polished aluminium shelves, a glass wall display & a wet bar are all to be completed soon.

I hope the Arctic Cat marketing department sees this!

Congratulations to Andy and his family. I bet they are having a riot with this. When is that grand opening party?

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