The Last New Liquidator?

By “John Deere Joe” Rainville.

Finding a “new” vintage left over sled from the mid-70’s is a rare treat. Finding one that was never sold new, but still at the original dealer is even more rare. Discovering a limited build cross country racer at it’s original dealer is a very rare treat indeed.

Nick Thallas may have found the last “new” Liquidator at a mid-west John Deere dealer. The story goes that sled never sold when it was new, as folks were “afraid of it”. While I admit Liquidators are at least a bit evil, they are nothing to outright fear…

So the dealer used it for demo rides, accumulating 557 miles on her, but never sent her to a new home until earlier this year when Nick lucked into it.

Awakening from a 37 year old sumber.

The deal is made. Congrats all around.

Since the sled was stored in a dark shed for 37 or so years, all the plastic and rubber parts are like new, including the original molded seat cover, kill and dimmer switch boots, the track ect. Even the original paint shines.

All cleaned up and ready to show.

Nick did have the original motor rebuilt ,as she scuffed a piston back in the day. Luckily for him, the sled came with a NOS (new old stock) jug and piston set. Nick also wisely chose not to paint anything on the sled, even though it was tempting to redo the motor and pipes while she was out for a rebuild.

What makes a Liquidator go…..

And what makes her sing…..

Now that she is back in top running condition, Nick plans to enjoy the sled and bring her out for a few shows and vintage rides. It was a dream come true for him to find the Liquidator, much as less one that was never sold from it’s original dealer. Congrats Nick on finding what just might be the “last new Liquidator” sold and thanks for letting me share the story.

“John Deere Joe” Rainville

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