The Ice Toboggan Lives Again!

The Ice TobogganRemember this baby? Terry Wilen sent in the story of how this 1955 "ice toboggan" was built by his grandfather while he was employed at Thunder Bay Canada’s Canada Car Company.

It was built originally to sassiest his grandfather in navigating across Dog Lake, north of Thunder Bay Ontario. He was trapping to augment his income, and some way to get across the snow would be a huge help.

The machine sat in storage for 47 years following the passing of the inventor in 1962. Terry pulled it out and discovered just how well it was constructed. Everything that needed grease had a grease nipple, and everyone of them had been filled with grease, keeping all the moving parts working perfect. The motor was still being used on a log-splitter.

Terry’s idea was to put the motor back in and just see how the old girl really worked.

The Ice TobogganWell that was way back many, many months ago. All kinds of issues cropped up to slow Terry down, but he finally got the old gal running this past spring. He went for a few miles of a ride and the machine worked just great! "It worked just as well as it did back in the 1950’s!" Terry said.

Thanks for sharing a great experience Terry and congrats on owning such a unique piece and getting it running!

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