The Andy Englund Story

From Keith Adams and the Boys at OneLungers comes a new episode.

One Lungers: The Andy Englund Story

As some of you are already aware, we started a web series on vintage
sledding last winter and the episodes have been releasing since early
fall. One Lungers actually started as a short documentary about a
vintage snowmobiling club in central Minnesota, Long Lake Vintage
Snowmobile Racing. The people we met at Long Lake encouraged
us to explore the specialty further and we ultimately ended up with
several compelling stories about vintage snowmobiling. Most of
those stories have been released on the series site, and we’ve received excellent feedback from
everyone here at .

The original story that started this voyage, which is really the hallmark of the series, is releasing today. We hope you all find it as compelling as we did. We would like to recognize Andy Englund’s family and friends for opening their lives to us. Without their willingness to tell Andy’s story, One Lungers would have never been born. If you’re in the Minnesota area and have a love for vintage racing, check out their club –

We encourage you to take 10-11 minutes to sit back and enjoy the film. There is a great story about family and some really kick-ass racing sequences. If you’ve missed the other episodes, you can find them at Video Link:

One Lungers: The Andy Englund Story –

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