T.J. Patrick To Hit The Ovals Again

After years of teaching his daughter the finer points of indy car racing T.J. Patrick makes his return to his passion. 2011 marks the return of T.J. to competitive snowmobile racing in the PVR circuit. T.J. says: ” I just want to race, and the high level of competition with PVR just seems like a good fit.” T.J. was best known for his years of riding with Polaris RXL’s “back in the day”.

“I never saw a guy do so much on such a tight budget” remarks 1991 world champion Gregg Goodwin. “He will be fun to watch.” T.J. will have the Number 41 on his sleds so watch for him.

T.J. will be commuting between his Indianapolis carbon fiber business and most PVR races this year starting with the Ironwood race. He will be piloting a 1979 Moto-Ski 340 sno-pro and racing out of the Ramblin Raycing trailer.

When you see T.J. make sure to pull up a chair because he loves sleds, and loves recalling the glory days of sno-pro.

For information and sponsorship opportunities contact Ramblin Ray Stevens. Ramblin’ Raycing Races under a partnership with St Jude Children’s hospital, all sponsorship money benefits’ the kids at St Jude.

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