Swedish Adventure

I’m back from my Swedish adventure. I still have jet lag, even though I slept today for what seemed like forever. I have a ton of pictures, and I’ll post a full text of the story when I get them back. In the meantime, here are the highlights:
1. Swedish girls great, Italian women even better.
2. Even the girls in small, northern Swedish towns are beautiful.
3. Stockholm is relatively inexpensive. The dollar is doing well there.
4. The Vasa Museum is not to be missed. The Vasa is a recovered war ship that sunk on her maiden voyage in the Beckholman bay near Stockholm, 1620. Today, you can see it up close and in person, complete with most of its original woodwork.
5. I’ve now seen the original Lucas Cranach paintings of Martin Luther and Katharina Von Bora.
6. Swedes are thinner then Americans. A lot thinner.
7. I bought a 1980 Arctic Cat 340cc SnoPro sled – in original condition. It will be shipped back to me in the next few weeks.
8. Bob Persson, the original promotor of SnoPro in Sweden (1978, 1979) who now owns a Volvo Distribution center, graciousely took time from his incredibly busy schedule to help me find people and sleds in Sweden. Boy did I find stuff. The stuff is a whole article in itself.
9. Bob Perrson put me on the phone with Snowmobile Industry legend Edgar Hetten. Edgar invited me to his house.

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