To help out with your surfin’ and looking for vintage snowmobile stuff all over the globe, tonight I thought I’d point out some of the more obscure (but interesting) vintage sleds sites I’ve dug up. Actually, I found most of these sites because they are using materials off of this site or the old site without permission. But hey – they swiped he stuff because they love old sleds. So hopefully when they see their site listed here, they will be kind enough to give proper credit on the photos and link back to the ‘ol site, if they have not already.

First up: This site does not ay who it is authored by, but it has some good photos of Ski-Doo SnoPro stuff and a bunch of shots of all the other brands, some restoration tips, and more. Fun site to explore.

Next is Doug Hakal’s site called “Free-Air Ski-Doo’s” – with a GREAT bunch of details on the story behind the 74 Ski-Doo SnoPros that never raced – including dyno details!

Doug describes the site as “The following web pages present the unofficial history of Bombardier’s Rotax-powered free-air cooled Ski-Doo’s. Included is information on production race sleds, consumer sleds, one-off factory built prototype racers and speed machines. I’ve organized these pages by the model years in which free-air sleds were produced, 1970 to 1978. The model year 1970 for example referring to machines manufactured in the fall of 1969 and ridden in the winter of 1969-1970.”

Get another cup of coffee before visiting this site. YOu’ll be glued to the computer for hours.

Blake Read’s has been around for a long time, and if your a Sno*Jet guy, I’m sure you’ve visited. But for our new readers, this is simply the best resource on the net for SnoJet information, and just fun reading on it’s own. Of particular note are the sections on Jim Adema & the history behind the Thunderjet.

And the last one for today: The Boss Cat Legacy site by Stephen knox. This is the best history of the Boss Cats I’ve ever seen – and it also covers the big drag sleds by the other guys.

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