Jess and Rocky

After ten years of running, it’s time to make a change!

This is not a big deal… the website will continue on as it always has. Just without me.

My normal business (web site and web software development) is something I have been building from scratch for a few years now. I don’t have squat for advertising and almost all of my customers have been from recommendations from existing clients. Well we must be doing something right, because it has really taken off this year. So much so, that I have to make this change in order to make enough time in a day.

Effective immediately, ALL (and vintage sled) inquires, questions, comments, ideas, thoughts, calls, emails, text messages and anything snowmobile related I will be passing on to DocJim. Doc is at least 99.98% smarter than me anyway, so you and the website are in great hands. Plus we have what I believe are thee best moderators on ANY website anywhere in cyberspace. These guys kick ass on a regular basis, and never cease to amaze me on how they are handling the site.

We have someone taking care of the server now, so any tech issues should be directed to DocJim, and he’ll be able to get a hold of them and get it taken care of. If you need any help with any issues on the Bull Sessions, the Classifieds, or if you want to get something on the home page, or if you don’t like something on the home page, if you need help with an insurance quote, or you need help with identifying an RXL or other rare Polaris, I will be passing you on to Doc, who as all the same information that I’ve had.

It’s been a fantastic 10 years, and I’ll still be around… just not nearly as visible. I will still post some stuff to the home page as it inspires me – but please direct any requests for home page coverage to Doc. He can get ‘er done for you!

So THANK YOU, all, from the bottom of my heart. You are an amazingly cool bunch of people who have made my life much, much better and I’ve got nothing but the best wishes for everyone.

See Ya!

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