Jim BeilkeThis just in from Hall of Famer Jim Beilke, creator, writer, publisher and editor of Race & Rally magazine and the publisher of Snowtech magazine:

“This book will not only be of special interest to Polaris fans, but also to others interested in snowmobile history. It is a result of many hours of interviews with various people mentioned within, and includes insights that may change ones perceptions of the early history of the sport.

Larry Preston writes with an easy, unique style which paints vivid pictures for the reader. It begins when he was a ten year old fascinated with the prospect of meeting the Polaris Factory Race Team at the 1974 Dayco Holiday Spectacular in Alexandria, MN – then continues on to relate how Polaris came to dominate professional racing in subsequent years, to develop the machines to do it, and the people involved.”

Starfire Kids Midnight Blue Express

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