Spy Photos from the Anderson Racing display, RWTC Weekend.

Submitted by Loren Anderson. 
While you are at the Ride With The Champions this weekend, do not miss the OPEN HOUSE in the Anderson Race Shop next door. Here are some shots of our OPEN HOUSE setup in the shop. Remember open house is Fri 3-6, Sat all day. Photos show our rig, E-Z Up tent, one of the first pit-boxes to be found on the circuit, McDonalds/Dennis Kirk twin-track #65 sled, just as they came off the track when Bob retired over 20 yrs ago. Built stairs so the folks can go into trailer and see everything……….untouched in over 20 yrs. Photos include my first red GMC truck and trailer hauling my Rupps, then my yellow Chev. truck and 6 place ski-doo rig as well. These two are from my racing days and together with Brad Bettin #20 display, complete our families 50 yrs in the sport.
Refreshments served.
Loren Anderson
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