New feature: If your looking to buy or looking to sell a a sled and would like the most exposure possible, we will list the sled in the new Showroom section. Currently we just have one sled: this stunningly nice 1977 Polaris TXL, complete with an NOS seat. I can’t tell you what a difference it makes on these that it has a 100% original seat instead of a recovered seat. It just makes all the lines of the sled look ‘right’.

This sled was restored by Jim Haug, a restoration guru that is getting better at the craft with every sled. Jim no more then finished the sled when he decided to let it go, as he’s got many more projects waiting in the wings. For guys like Jim, it’s the joy of doing the work more so then the joy of ownership.

The sled came to Jim complete. Correct motor, suspension, you name it. He stripped it to the bone, repainted it, replaced any bad parts, and put a new hood and new seat on it that he found on eBay. Take a look!

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