So much news about the ‘new” Kawasaki Sharks has been flying around cyberspace, fueled by Rude Dog’s recent posting of another picture of the 340 replica. Well here’s a scoop for ya Rude Dog: I got to see it in person on Saturday. Yes, this machine so intrigued my curiosity that I had to drive 16 hours (round trip) just to take my own pictures and park my butt on it.

Man did it feel nice! When you see it with the hood off, and you are looking at the original motor, it really does have a ghost like quality feel to it that made me feel just like I did at the track in Alexandria in December of 1976, staring at the Sharks and wondering if they could beat the Midnight Blue Express.

How close is it to the original? I don’t know that you could get one any closer. In fact, I doubt it. Here’s the thing: In the giant stack of photos I have of the Shark’s one thing is clear: All the sleds are different. Some had Thunderjet Tunnels. Some did not. Some had the tanks in front. Some did not. The steering column was different on several.. this list goes on and one. Bottom line, they were all custom built race sleds, to a degree.

On this one, you can take a stack of photos, look at the photo, then the sled and go “AHA! THAT AIN’T RIGHT!” Until you look at the next photo of the same sled taken a week later and have to say “Oh yeah, yes, that is correct”.

There is no question this thing is stunning. It was done, very, very well. That, I have to say, despite what the person who did this fantastic work thinks of me. 😉

You can chat about the Kawasaki Sharks on the Bull Sessions.

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