Rare 650cc Moto-Ski Bullet to be unveiled at St. Germain this weekend.

Kurt Krueger of Pro Vintage Performance sent in this photo of his newly restored 650cc Moto-Ski Bullet. He will have it on display this coming Sunday at the big Hall of Fame Classic Sled Roundup in St. Germain Wisconsin.

These were a very low production number sled that were ahead of their time. Unfortunately, the motors didn’t hold up well. But the guys who used to race them all have commented that if the motor had just hung in there, they would have been unstoppable. The motors were low and front mounted, the sleds handled very well, and were very fast.

The 1971 Bullet originally had seven engine sizes, ranging from a 282cc KMS motor to a 793cc Hirth. They had 18″ tracks, were built on an aluminum chassis and weighed in from a range of 300 to 340 lbs.

According to a source known to Kurt, this is only one of five Bullets in existence. I would have to agree with that. The only other one I’ve seen belonged to mega- collector Jerry McGee.

Pro Vintage Performance specializes in the restoration of Ski-Doo and Moto-Ski sleds, as well as being a huge contributor to the performance of many of the vintage racers tearing up the track today. The massive collection of Pro-Vintage is featured on the’s ‘5 Years of Vintage Mayhem” CD-Rom.

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