I had a pretty big vintage weekend. I’m doing some research and I got to spend most of Saturday with Polaris racer Greg Grahn, and Sunday with Bob Eastman.

At the end of the day, Bob took me out and gave me a guided tour of the 1973 Shooting Star. A couple of weeks ago, photos showed up on the Bull Sessions of Bob and the sled at a couple of shows. Amazing, since the sled had been kind of “hidden” (it was with Bob the whole time) since about, well, 1973. From those photos, there was much speculation on what was all on the machine, if it had a custom hood, belly pan and more. Hopefully this will answer some of the questions for all of you on this one of a kind classic drag racing sled.

1. The chassis is made out of magnesium, making it very light.
2. The bulkhead is completely custom for to fit both motors in and drop the front one low enough for the hood.
3. The hood is a standard 73 Starfire hood. It was modified by Eastman.
4. One motor runs forward, the other runs backwards. Each drives one side of the jackshaft.
5. The pipes are aluminum, except one that was replaced at the last moment in 1973.
6. The rear motor’s mount is magnesium.
7. The fuel tank is under the seat in the back.
8. It has a 121″ track, with what looks like a Colt suspension with added bogie wheels.
9. The skis and the leaf springs are aluminum.
10. The fins were cut off to make room for the steering.
11. There is no belly pan. It’s just very thin aluminum cut to look like a belly pan.
12. The front motor is suspended on the recoil side, and there is a small motor mount plate on the other side.

How cool is that? My thanks to Greg, Mr. and Mrs. Eastman and Aaron Johnson for all the great help (and the fun!) this past weekend.

See more Shooting Star photos here.

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