RIP Roger Dick

I was informed by email this morning that Roger Dick died this weekend from ongoing health issues. Roger was a member of the Polaris race team and Thrill Team in the 70’s. Roger was the guy who ran through the “loop” after Larry Rugland decided to go racing full time. As it started, Roger raced, Larry did the loop. Then Larry went on to race and Roger did the loop. Roger wasn’t in the best of health back in 04′ when he did the loop for the Polaris 50th Anniversary. He did the loop then at 60 years old! He was nice, fun bser, and generous kind man. Hats off to ya buddy!

Sent in from Aaron Johnson, who worked with Roger on the Polaris 50th Anniversary

Roger’s Funeral is set for Sept. 1 in Edinburg, N.D. More info can be found here.

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