Kurt Krueger sent in a photo of his new 2007 race sled. It’s not the first photo of a 2007 race sled I have received… in fact, the first one got here last spring! Kurt’s all set and waiting for ice in his bid to dominate the new 250 IFS class at several PVR and PVR SnoPro races this winter.

Last night I got a glimpse into the Smith Brothers new top-secret race shop. All I can say is wow! It’s a huge shop and they have a lot of work in front of them. Sean and Steve were there when I arrived, working on a new 250 for the newest member of the team (Adam), and sorting through tons and tons of boxes for parts and pieces they have collected over their 20+ years of racing.

The fun thing about the Smith Brothers? They are just so dang enthusiastic – not only about racing – but about vintage sleds and snowmobiling in general – it’s contagious!

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