The Rock Rapids Lyons group put on a good race with the help of SLEDS racing last weekend, first race of the PVR Vintage Snopro series. Winners included the Hilmerson’s, the Smith’s, Jim Haug and many more.

I’ll just shut-up now and let the pictures do the talking. These photos were all taken by Brandon Johnson and are used by permission. Brandon is setting up a website where you can order print copies the site should be ready soon.

Holeshot! Stull & Westlund
Holeshot on the 340 SnoPro Class.
Bill Stull and Nathan Westlund battle it out.
Squirrell #
Note the squirrell attached to the hood.
Travis Hilmerson on one of the new Hilmerson sleds.
# #
Concentration is the name of the game before the race starts.
Randy Cwikla watching the competitors.
asd Stull
Brad Hilmerson fending off the ice and snow dust.
Bill Stull showing fine form on the Rupps.
Disaster Crashed
A near disaster: Note the SSR with a ski bending due to the snapped bolt on the radious rod. Half a lap later, he put a good size hole in the hay bales. The driver was luckily unharmed and plans to race again next weekend. Great to see an SSR in the hunt!
Jim Wins! Stock Action
Jim Haug on his way to winning SnoPro 250.
Stock classes were fast and close.
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