I couldn’t resist… I was trying to stay off the racing stuff, but with so much going on in the background, I just can’t keep my yapper shut! Each of the following rumors is rated on a scale of 1 – 10. 1 being no way, won’t happen, must be a joke, to 10, yes, it’s true and somewhat confirmed. So here they are, the top vintage sled racing rumors heading into the 2006-2007 season:

1. Steve Thorsen, 2X World Champ, will return to oval racing this year assisting a team (mechanically – not driving!) with a small fleet of Polaris and Ski-Doo vintage race sleds. Rumor rating: 3+

2. Motor builder Mike Wienandt has figured out that a 250 motor from a 76 Rupp has more potential than any Ski-Doo 250 race engine ever built, and will prove it in several Rupp drivers sleds. Rumor rating: 7.

3. Arctic Cat is secretly backing and helping a team of racers to build “new” Cat IFS SnoPros. Rumor rating: 8+.

4. Moto-Ski will be well represented this year, with several people building leaf spring and IFS models to race. Rumor rating: 9.

5. Reigning Vintage SnoPro champ Mark Anderson has NOT retired and will be back this year with a vengeance. Rumor rating: 2.

6. New Polaris clones will be hitting the track for the first time: A 74 440cc SnoPro clone, a 75 PDC 650 clone, and a 75 liquid 340 Clone. Rumor rating: 8+

7. Several Canadian teams are planning to swoop into the lower 48 and take as much of the money in Vintage SnoPro as possible. Rumor rating: 4+.

8. The mainstream snowmobile press will, again this year, ignore any and all vintage races, for fear of making the advertising manufacturers mad. Rumor rating: 7.

9. One lone Yamaha SSR will make it to the track this year, as well as one of the clone Kawasaki SnoPros!. Rumor Rating: 3.

10. Old time race tracks like Boonville NY are making a comeback. Rumor rating: 9++++.

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