Top Juniors in PVR – Juniors really are the future!

PVR’s annual banquet was held Saturday, April 20th in Abbotsford Wisconsin. The place was completely packed, and the presence of a lot of TV cameras, directors and sound engineers was a pretty different thing to see in the world of Vintage Snowmobiles.

PVR packs a lot into their annual meetings – rule changes, board of director changes, awards… all in all it makes for a full day of activity. Once it’s done, everyone lines up for dinner and then the real party begins.

Bill Haske

PVR President Tom Persha with PVR’s Super-Seniors winner, 81 year old Bill Haske

For me, one of the highlights was 81 year old Bill Haske winning the super-seniors class. I couldn’t help but smile and hope that at 81 years old, we all could be in good enough shape to go out there and do battle on an old sled. I also liked the special recognition of the clubs Junior racers.

The nights big winner was none other than Freddy “The Bullet” Smith, who also got a huge round of applause for being one of the founding members of Pro Vintage Racing. Another big round went to Tom Persha, the clubs always positive, always helpful, always energetic President.

Fred Smith - PVR's Big Winner for 2013

Fred Smith – PVR’s Big Winner for 2013

Reality TV and PVR

Film Crew At the PVR Banquet

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