Smashed Charger and the World’s Ugliest Sleds

You have some work done by a buddy on your cherished vintage sled. Your not home when your friend drops it off, so he leaves it by the road, near the garbage cans. The garbage man comes by and does this. Can you say F&$%K!!!!!!!

The King Cat on Ebay only made it up to $9,800 and the reserve wasn’t met. Was this a joke? Was his reserve set so high that no one would buy it – just to see what he could get for it?

New nominees for the world’s ugliest sled:

• Any Twin Track raider
• ’72 moto jet cesna 340
• 71 Scorpion Super Stinger
• 1972 Sno Jet Whisper Jet. the “armadillo” sled.
• 73 Alley Cat.
• Skiroule RTX 447
• them old Mercs
• 72 bolens sprint tw440
• Bubble top ski-doos

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