By now you may know that is sponsoring a $5,000 feature race at the 2010 Classic Vintage World Championships Weekend in Eagle River, January 8th-10th.

I thought it might be fun to go back and see whose won and who has been competitive in that class over the last few years – so here you go!

Mmmm, I see an awful lot of Vintage SnoPro series champs in this class! Place your bets and be there to see who takes home all the cash, the trophy and the bragging rights!

2009 440 Class Winners
1 Matt Spies Yamaha
2 Mike Smith Arctic Cat
3 Dave Grunewald Ski-Doo
4 Tom Priebe Ski-Doo
5 Todd Schnetzer Polaris
6 Bill Stull Rupp
7 Adam Degenhardt Arctic Cat
8 Corey Schindler Yamaha
9 Mike Jones Yamaha
10 Sean Wood Chapperall


2008 440 Class Winners
1 Mark Anderson Polaris
2 Steve Smith Arctic Cat
3 Todd Percha Polaris
4 Mark Dunham Yamaha
5 Gabriel Farr Mercury
6 Corey Schindler Yamaha
7 Dan Boyle Ski-Doo
8 Nathan Fecht Sno*Jet
9 Mitchell Pankratz Polaris


2007 440 Class Winners
1 Dave Grunewald Ski-Doo
2 Brandon Gentz Polaris
3 Paul Socwell Sno*Jet
4 Bill Stull Rupp
5 Rick Simms Yamaha
6 Donald Fedie Arctic Cat
7 Dan Boyle Mercury
8 Eric Proden Ski-Doo
9 Mark Anderson Polaris
10 Sean Smith Arctic Cat
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