Darrell Day sent in this very cool picture from the big Waconia show: “Hey all. just got back from waconia snowmobile show (the rollag of snowmobile shows!). It was great! They featured Arctic Cat this year. Enclosed is a picture of the replica of the Arctic Cat air sled that I built in about 2 months time. Standing behind it is non other than Edgar Hetteen, co-founder of Polaris and founder of Arctic Cat. Edgar built the original air-sled. He then graciously autographed the front of the sled!! On saturday of the show, they had the sled down on the lake and had about 20 people got to take it for a test run, they all seemed to enjoy!”

Well I certainly enjoyed seeing this in the in-box! Thanks Darrell!

Edgar Hetteen and a replica of the air-sled he built so many years ago…
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