Collections and Ebay King Kats

I’m starting to hear from other people with cool collections. Today in the mail I got a stack of photos from Mike Farris. Damned nice stuff, I can’t wait to get them up. I’ve also set up appointments with three others to photograph their collections. Great fun.

I got my new issue of the VSCA (Vintage Snowmobile Club of America) magazine last night. If you don’t already subscribe to that magazine, I highly recommend it. I read it from cover to cover last night, and then I read it all over again. Great ads in the back as well.

Speaking of ads, someone put a 1971 4-cylinder King Kat for sale on eBay. With 6 days to go on the auction, it’s up over $5,000 already. If you win this auction, the seller wants you to send money first, then he’ll deliver it. I don’t know. I don’t think I could send thousands of dollars to a stranger in the hopes that he’ll bring the sled to me. Scary.

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