I’m very happy to report that Carrier and Strandlund Refrigeration have come forth to sponsor a $500 CASH prize for the Vintage SnoPro Master series for the IFS class! More details are to come, but that means the leaf spring class will be for just over $1200 in prizes, and the IFS class now has $500 available. Both winners will get a trophy big enough to frighten small children.

First race: This coming Sunday in Alexandria, Minnesota. Should be great fun – don’t miss it! Directions are on the bottom of this page, and drivers MUST be registered before Sunday morning to qualify.

Bill Stull is one of the latetest registrants – shown in this photo with his new Rupp. Dig that really cool paint scheme – at least I think that is Bill. Actually it looks like the really skinny version of Elvis. So is Elvis really dead? Or did he just slim down so much that no one can recognize him??

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