Troy Moore’s “new” 76 SnoPro

Troy Moore has been restoring sleds for years. But like so many of the guys I know that are really good at restoring sleds – it’s the process of restoring one – not staring at it for years later – that keeps Troy’s attention on his sleds. This results in most of Troy’s sleds leaving his possession after they are done.

I always wanted to get Troy’s work featured on the site, but wasn’t sure how to highlight a collection that isn’t really a “collection”. So Instead of a collection in the traditional sense, this will be a retrospective of the sleds Troy has restored over the years.

We’ll start with the two sleds Troy has worked on lately. First is this 1976 340cc SnoPro built to match Jim Bernat’s original 76 SnoPro with a few minor features added by Troy’s. It features a gorgeous 76 liquid kit motor, a Bernat style seat and tank, and a nice replica of Jim’s handlebar hoop.

The other sled featured is Kirk Beisel’s customized 1976 440cc Polaris SnoPro that Troy helped with. Also very, very nice looking and containing a super rare 440cc liquid kit motor.

Watch over the next few updates as I’ll add photos and links to some of the other sleds Troy has been involved with – a lot of the other collectors can trace some of their sleds back to Troy some how!

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