Myrl Schroder Passes


I met Myrl at this very same show where he is pictured above and interviewed him. His story of how he won at Kings Castle over the factory racers was great. Basically, he said they had shaved the heads in a different manner (he explained it in great detail and I am afraid my understanding of those details are weak at best) and that gave them some more horsepower.

Make no mistake, the Polaris factory guys were happy a Polaris won, but they were not thrilled at missing out on all that money. Myrl said before the race, Eastman and Bernat and the crew were all happy as clams to talk and share information with them. Afterwards? Not so much.

So Myrl pulled Eastman aside and showed them exactly what he had done. Eastman was gracious and appreciated the information, and after that, the Polaris crew was nicer to him then ever.

He also said that race changed his life. All the press got him some attention and hhortly afterwards, he got a call from Boise State University, wanting to know if he would teach there on small engines. This surprised Myrl as he didn’t have the credentials to educate, but none the less, he jumped at the chance and  started the first small engine program at that college.

He lived by a quote, “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” I think that story proves the man lived by his motto! I’m grateful I had a chance to talk with him.

Myrl Schroeder lost his final race against Leukemia and passed away in Meridian, Idaho June 21st at the age of 80.  Funeral services will be held Thursday 6/27 in Meridian Idaho.

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