Looking at this page with the green Kawasaki hood and the green Hall of Fame Roundup logo, I couldn’t help but notice the page looks pretty nice with green, so I had to add more…

Many moons ago, Jay Carsley (AKA Rude Dog) called and asked if he did a web site, would I be upset? “Hell no!” I said “It would give me something to read!” and Jay has never disappointed me since. Tonight while sniffing around, I found an article Jay put together about the restoration of two very, very classic green sleds: An amazing pair of two of the original 1976 Skiroule SnoPros.

Skiroule SnoPros
Jacques Villenuave’s 250 Skiroule

Scott Clarkson, and in particular, Rob Young did an AMAZING job (robs sled looked like a pile of useless junk a lesser man would have run screaming from!) of bringing back two of these classic racers to life. Jay did a great job of laying out a very cool restoration story, complete with Jacque signing the Gilles Villeanueve sled “In Gilles Memory”. How cool is that????

I’d have to pick on Jay for one point in the article: the real story behind the Polaris 77 IFS sleds total domination of SnoPro was not the IFS… Although the IFS was critical to the success of the 77 Polaris team, there’s a LOT more to that story…

But we’ll save that for later. For now, I just want to call attention to a truly fascintating and riveting article, totally FREE for all of us to enjoy, simply because Jay likes to share….

Scott Clarkson & Rob Young revive two Sno Pro legends.

And now that I know who has them Kawasaki hoods…

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