So what would happen, vintage racing fans, if you had a race with the 440cc IFS sleds running against the monster 800cc leafer sleds, against IFS Chapparrell’s with their 650cc motors??

Come to the PVR race in Ironwood Michigan on January 1-2 2011 and find out!

Here’s how I see it: Ironwood is a big track with huge, sweeping turns. The bigger the track, the faster the sleds get rolling. The corners are not so tight, nor short as to give a massive handling advantage to the IFS sleds.

Down the straights, the 800cc motors should pull away. In the corners, the Chaps and the 440’s should close the gap; It’s going to come down to the biggest set of testicles, the sled that can make the 5 laps, and the brains of the driver to know where their limit is, and push it to, but not over that level!

The Bullet Racing Team has put up the first $1,000 to be split amongst the winners. More details to come, but I had to get this out – it’s going to be EPIC!

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