Midnight Blue Reunion

Midnight Blue Reunion

Reunited after 34 years – the big dog machines of the Midnight Blue Express.

Midnight Blue Reunion

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3 Responses to Midnight Blue Reunion

  1. johniefast says:

    How many realy # 1’s are out there?

  2. Shane Malherek says:

    I’m just curious, I am by no means an RXL expert, so that is why I am asking. I have a couple questions, first of all, this is just an awesome picture! Nice to see the Bunke suit in it alos. My questions are, 1 Are these different decal manafactures on the restores, or did Jerrys actually have skinnier outer top hood bands? 2, the front cooler bottom gaurd/trim on Thoresons sled doesnt appear to be as low as as Bunkes and Brads. 3, I know Steves sled isn’t squared up for the pic, but are all 3 steering posts bent different for each driver, or is that an illusion? I love the RXL’s and just trying to figure it all out Thanks, and again, love the pic and its definatlely Polaris Domination!

  3. Boy Wonder says:

    Hey Shane, I think the difference you seeing in the decals is partially the photo angle, but the Bunke sled has the original 1978 decals, the other two have had to have their decals replaced, so there could be some difference there between the originals and the repops, but I would guess it is the application of them, not the decals themselves. The bottom of the hoods are all different, as each driver fit the hood different over the pipes. Steve’s is on much lower than the other two. The steering posts are indeed all unique to the driver. The big mystery there is that the handlebars on the Bunke sled appear to me to be a set off of one of Hulings’ sleds, if so, they were replaced at Polaris for some reason before they sent the sled to the Bunke family.

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