LOS, RWC and The Patron Saint Hits the Record Books

In a good winter with lots of snow, it is darn near impossible to keep up with everything that is going on, but here’s a couple of highlights.

Last weekend was the Hall of Fame “Ride With The Champs” including their vintage challenge. Anyone with a vintage sled is challenged to ride 75 miles each way to Fishtails on Lake Gogebic for lunch and back. Many try, not so many make it, as this John Deere found out. But everyone always has a great time.

Hall fo Fame

John Deere at the Ride with the champs

The annual LIVE ON SKIS event was also last weekend in International Falls, Minnesota. The weather was great, the trails were fantastic and the parties were darn near non-stop. As for me, below is the beginning of my weekend on Friday as my beloved Indy 600 lost a piston (I think it was snow-dust that got me!) forcing me to take go on the “RIDE OF SHAME” starting here with a tow rope and ending in the back of Doc’s truck!

Ride fo Shame

Yep that’s me on the RIDE OF SHAME

And finally.. our own Patron Saint of Vintage Snowmobiling has hit the record books again, having the fastest time at Daytona and qualifying for the pole position. She is the first female to conquer the good-old boys club of NASCAR to do so. She’s got a hot car and a ton of fans cheering her on this weekend. Best of luck and we are all thinking of Danica, her dad T.J. and her mom Bev, as I am sure they will be chewing their nails for the whole race!

Danica makes the record books again. Thanks to ABC for the photo

Danica makes the record books again. Thanks to ABC for the photo

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