2012 Snow

It’s here! LIVE ON SKIS WEEK starts NOW. Pictured above is the very lovely Abby Johnson (my nephews wife) riding my Centurion – photo by Earlham – a couple years ago.

WE’VE GOT SNOW! The trails are open around International Falls Minnesota. They are not the best they have ever been, but they are open and we can go riding. The lakes and rivers are great riding. We’re going to have a great week.

Some people are heading up as early as tomorrow, even though the big vintage ride is on Saturday the 18th, around 10:00 AM. We’ve always prided LIVE ON SKIS as being the "anti" event event, as in it is not a structured, organized, scheduled event. Instead, people hang out, go on random rides, do some ad-hoc racing, shoot the breeze, have some beers, fix their sleds, fix each others sleds, try each others sleds out – you name it. The idea is to just have a good time around old sleds. Every year has been a great time.

If you can get up there this weekend, there are rooms available in International Falls, and we look forward to seeing all our vintage buddies!

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