LOS 2010Our first Live On Skis was held on a Saturday. Most people showed up that morning, or late Friday night. In the second year, a lot of people starting coming Thursday night so they could ride Friday before the main ride.

This morning I got calls from several people who left today, so they could ride Thursday, Friday and then go on the big ride on Saturday! Many are taking new sleds as well as old. Why does it keep getting earlier? Because the trails around International Falls Minnesota are some of the nicest in the country! This year has seen some of the best snow in years and temperatures should be in the 20’s – making for perfect riding conditions.

This year we have a couple more events that we will be doing, besides the ride out to the Hot Dog and Hot Chocolate stand. With all due respect to my brothers who belong to People for the Ethical Treatment of Tillitsons (PETT), we will be having a contest on the trail to see who can lob a Tillitson the furthest. We’re also going to see who can throw a slide rails (javelin style) the furthest.

We have the banquet hall at the Thunderbird (very nice and no one in there but us sled heads!) and this year you’ll be able to order of the regular menu – I highly recommend the prime rib.

This year we finally got something that everyone has been asking for: Trail markers! The picture above is what you are looking for, should you get separated from the pack!

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